Passpartout: Starving Artist App Reviews

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This bug hasn’t been fixed

After act II is finished I try to progress but it’s not allowing me to. Please fix this, I have enjoyed this game up until now.

Passpartout? More like CHRASHPARTOUT!

I love this game but, IT CRASHES SO MUCH! I hate this crashing. Please update!

Way Too Short

This game was way too short. There are only three stages which is incredibly frustrating. I don’t know if there are multiple games, but even if there are, I don’t want to pay 4.99 AGAIN. I finished this game in one day without rushing. That shouldn’t happen.

A very nice and relaxing game

When I was waiting for the game to download I saw two negative reviews for this game. But honestly it’s a really fun and relaxing game and I could see myself sinking in a couple of hours into this game! A few suggestions 1. Add a few more modes 2. Add a customizable feature to your artist 3. Add the ability to choose your gallery But other than that I really like this game and I don’t think it deserves 3 stars.

Good and Fun Game to Play

I really enjoy this game! It’s fun to play and addictive, some bugs keeps it from being 5 stars, but other than that, a good game!

Cant progress

Idk how the game judges the painting but i must be doing something wrong. Literally all my “paintings” either “lack energy” or “minimalist” even though there’s alot of unnecessary work in them.


I think this is an amazing app overall even though there can be some crashes and bugs it is still on my top 10! The hardest act for me is act three. You have to know what your customers like so they can buy it for a price! Sure, some people say it’s “Challenging,” or “To easy!” But it is in a way that I like it can be challenging times, it can be easy sometimes but it makes a balanced mix! Thank you for making this game!

Very sad

I started playing this game at Christmas and it was so fun but now it says it's still on my IPad! When I try to play it starts to load but then I crashes and I'm back on my home page. But now I have the opportunity to reinstall it but I can't because since it thinks it's still on my iPad IT SAYS UPDATE and when I try to update it it does it but doesn't make it to installing. Please fix this.😢

Good and bad game

It is a fun game but it crashes and when I was on act 2 it crashed and I had to start over again. This is a terrible bug that ruins the game it should led be free


This game was fun but the story game mode can be completed in 1 day... the canvas is way to small and super hard to paint on. Rethink this app before you purchase

Very Creative!

I love this game! So creative and fun! I only gave it 4 stars though because of how short it is. I also wish there was a larger variety of characters to choose from.

Love the game

Love this game so far but can’t seem to progress to act 2! Playing on my iPhone 7. Can anyone shed some light on what I’m missing? The critic comes out, I tap the square in the newspaper and it turns green then nothing, if I tap it again then the newspaper disappears and the text at the top says progress to next act? Nothing happens. Please help, would love to continue.

Fun with lots of potential

Fun game, needs improvement. Everything is so small and far away, let us zoom in. Bigger canvas for art as well. A customizable character would be cool too, or to unlock more color.

It’s awesome

I love this game, yeah it sometimes crashes but it’s still amazing! Tho people rage at this game sometimes and I think that raging at this game makes you forget the reason you downloaded it,for fun! Drawing is my passion my hobbie. And I love this game! It relaxes me keep up great work!!!!

Unable to progress past act 1

Title says it all. I can’t progress past act I. The critic comes, leaves his review, and the box with the check appears in the upper left corner. I tap it, and it just stays there. Then the game crashes.



The New Update

The new update says it allows you to progress in the game now...not for me! I am stuck on act 1 and it says in the top left “Do you want to progress further” and I do. I have hit that checkmark so many times and it just doesn’t work! BTW I am playing on iPad and whenever I am drawing the palm of my hand hits the unfinished painting and makes a big streak of whatever color I am using go everywhere! I would say it probably definitely works better on a PC.


I have give this game 5 stars. All the letters are big enough to see and it’s easy to draw with a stylus.

Hurry up and make it for the iPhone X

As an iPhone X user I want to get the most out of my screen ie using the entire screen.

Takes to much to load

I haven't played the game yet but in my time I have waiting this is taking too long to loading it keep make me re download the game like 10 times. I try to delete my stuff that is not important and it still not letting me play

Very good but one thing


Great game but annoying glitch

When I got this game, I was extremely satisfied. Then I reached the end of act 2. The game glitches and I had to restart from the beginning. I thought it was my lack of internet so when I got back and sit it again, I thought it would work. The curtains didn’t open and I couldn’t experience act 3 ever. I still can’t do it. The developers said they fixed a bug that made players los progress but that still happens for me.

iPhone X ratio please !

This is such a fun concept but like others have stated it’s really a small interface and it needs iPhone X ratio support. I would love for an undo button to be put in. Other than that i like the game. :) Edit: it’s fabulous on iPad Pro. Honestly I don’t think it’s very playable in iPhone format ( too small!) but iPad it is wonderful

Amazing game! Just so glitchy!

I've had a blast playing this. However, this glitches so much! I am having a glitch in the third act when in my second art piece,I put on the wall, it suddenly turns to show curtains. I waited for it to load to the home screen, but instead it just stays there. Overall great game! I just hope the developers would of paid more attention to the glitches.

Buy it!!!!!

This is a great game that I’ve been playin nonstop. But I’m not able to sell any of my paintings in act 2. Every thing I paint no matter it’s new or old, nobody will buy it and will say “have I seen this before” or “lacks energy”. But I still give it 5 stars


Well, this game is awesome! It is entertaining, and just cool. But, what is bothering me is that when I finished the first act, and went on to advance on to the second act, the button broke. The green button that advances you to the next act. Please Help!! 👩🏽‍🎨

Everything is good but one thing

The problem is that whenever I press continue it will say the act then close, it has been annoying and I will make this face for hours >:[. I am not sure if it’s because of me or what, but I can’t play it! The farthest I’ve gotten without the app crashing is when I finish one painting, my character sets the painting on the wall (I am in act 3), then it will crash. I hope it is fixable on the creators part or mine everything else is perfectly fine, thank you for reading. Edit: I did reinstall the game and it did work thank you!

Please format it for the IPhone X

I love this game but the annoying issue that bugs me is that it’s way too small on the iPhone X’s screen please fix it.

Excellent, but not worth $5

This game is great; very entertaining. However, it's just not worth $5. It's very well made and super entertaining, but the story can be beat very easily. The first time I failed, but the second time I got the hang of it and made artwork that the people loved. It's just such a short game. That's the only reason I don't like it all too well. Also, there are a few bugs. Sometimes whenever I finish a painting and go to put it up, the game will crash and I'll have to redo or refinish the painting. Doesn't stress me too much, but it could be something to look into.

This is.... AMAZINGGG

This game lets me express and show my art talent. It also reminds me of my 1st art exhibit!!! Awesome work!! Make more games plz!!!


The game is great, and I’m pretty great at the First Act by now because I’ve played it over and over. I keep winning the first act and the game wants me to move on and is asking me to progress, but nothing happens when I hit the button to move to the Second Act. Please fix it, I love this game and want to keep playing, but it’s getting boring.

Painting Extravaganza!!!

Guys If you love painting, get this game!!!!If you are reading other 2-3 star comments, they are about people complaining about bug problems. This game is short, but it’s worth it when ✍️. This is wonderful, and if you get bored finishing the game, you can play endless mode!!!!! Trust me, when I wanted this game and I saw bad comments I didn’t care. This game also gives you the option to change characters, you can be Mattshea, Draw with Jazza, And Passpartout. This game I say it worth $5. Dev thank you so much!!! Sincerely, One of your Fans P.S: is there gonna be a Passpartout ll ?!?!( If so that would be wonderful!!)

It was a waste of my money

It took me 10 minutes to finish the game, and wasn’t able to do anything after that. It is way more expensive than it should be


It’s a good game the only thing I don’t like is the reviews on your paintings that’s why I give it 4 stars

Updates do not work

I have seen two updates claiming to fix an issue that does not allow players to progress to later levels. I’ve been stuck on level 2 and the updates do not work. Would be a great game if it worked properly for the iPhone.

Highly recommended

It’s just so amazing and fun, and I can play it with my siblings!


The game is great but the crashing is so frequent the game becomes stale and I can't progress to act three I've tried the critic 6 times but everytime I get the letter it crashes!?

HIGHLY recommended

THIS is such a cute app! I love how much I have learned to paint from this app! I got criticism that helped make other artwork I didn’t think I could produce. This app is so fun! I would recommend for ages 7 and up. This would be the best game game to get if you like doodling, drawing, or even scribbling. I love this app because I can get different view on my art. This is the most fun game. I am so addicted!! It is wonderful the details, and the little people, And just how fun this is! Are you a starving artist? :)

love it, but...

it wont let me get past act 1!! i get to the critic and I'm unable to get it to work and proceed because its glitched!! :((


Best game I have! Like other people they think the game is really good, but there's lots of stuff that the creators need to fix. Like the CONTROLS. I think it's fine.

Love the idea but needs more

Please add more! If i wanted to just paint on my phone id go to my notes and draw! PLEASE ADD THESE THINGS TO MAKE IT ACTUALLY A GAME : customization of character, more interactions with customers, more tools, have your own house you can save your favorite paintings in your house. Ect stuff like this. If feeling a little spicy you can marry a customer and they stays in your house and gives paint orders and you try to copy what people want you to paint.

It won’t let me in waste of money😡😡😡😢

I just got it and it won’t let me play I just want to drawwwwww I’m rating it 2 stars

Read before buying

I really liked this gam me and thought it was cool but there is only three acts I paid 5 dollars for a game that lasted only 20 minutes I shouldn’t even bout the game it was a waist of money and it didn’t say it would even end what the heck I want my money 💰 back!!!

No progression.

Not letting me progress to the second level. The notification will pop up and ask, but when I press the green checkmark, nothing happens.

Was excited to buy this.... I shouldn’t have been

Had so much potential, was excited to get it. Now I know I shouldn’t have been. Five dollars to get a boring game with little to no storyline. All you do is make terrible paintings and sell them. No other storyline. If you want to be bored, this is the game for you. Wish I could get a refund.

Awesome!!! But Ignore the Bad Reviews.

I’ve Seen “Draw with Jazza” Play this game, it looked so fun!! When I saw it was on the App store, I Was excited! When I went to the app review, They were mostly bad. I got the game and I had Barely any problems with it. No Lag, The words are readable, and I’ve had only one crash happen to me so far. If this looks Interesting, Get it. It’s fun, creative, and it brings out the Artist in you! S’amuser!!!

Before You Buy, Read This...

This game is honestly really fun but some of the app’s mechanics made me rethink my purchase. Here are some negative things about the app: 1. Everything is too small! The words you can’t read and the drawing canvas is tiny! 2. The story mode can be completed in 15 minuets, even though it is basically the only thing you can do in the game. 3. Since everything is so small, drawing is impossible and if you want to draw something with any texture or detail, maybe you should put down the phone and get a real canvas. Also, If you are playing on a phone that isn’t a Plus size, you shouldn’t get this. 4. The Price is 4.99? WHAT?! This app should be free because it is so limited Here are the good things: 1. It fun to see how much your drawing can sell for 2. I like reading the critiques on my art 3. The concept is great! Overall, this app has so much potential and if developers just put in a little more work and patches then this app would be #1 on top charts. Should you buy it? Well, because the campaign is so short I am going to have to say no. I bought the game because I had 20+ dollars from gift cards and after the first day that I got it, I haven’t played it since. After a week, this game will end up deleted. Trust me.

Good game but buggy

Love this game but the bug is most definitely not fixed I have restarted and redownloaded several times with no success cannot advance past act 1 whatsoever the option appears but will not allow you to continue...

Only for the iPad

Seriously. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS DOWNLOAD! Unless you have an iPad! I payed for this app, excited to play something other than Draw Something or Pictionary and you can’t even read the in game instructions- and this was a suggested game for the iPhone X- total waste! Totally disappointed!

Just as good as original!

This game is just like the original from the computer. I never knew there was a mobile passpartout to bring around everywhere!

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