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Not Able to Progress

Even after the 1.1 update, I’m still not able to progress to Act II. Whenever the critic comes around, the newspaper pops up, but I’m never able to press the check button when it asks me if I want to progress to the next act. It’s very frustrating, and I hope that they fix the bug for everyone in the future.

No iPhone X optimization


Can’t Progress

The Progress to Act 2 button does not work and there are a few other bugs- please fix this but otherwise this is a great game.

Progress not fixed

I still cannot progress. I’ve tried refreshing app many times. Still no difference.

Illegible Text and Buggy

I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was announced for PC- and was delighted to see it come to iOS. I was even happier to see that it’s universal game, and not iPad only. Unfortunately, the developers have completely forgotten to accommodate those playing on phones, as the text in every pop up window is way too small to read. This is incredibly frustrating, as the only indicators of right and wrong are in the dialog boxes that appear when people critique or purchase your art. Without being able to read these, the game is a little more than a featureless drawing pad. And it crashes quite a bit. I’m playing on an iPhone X and the game frequently quits to home screen. It’s hard to tell if you’ve lost your save as there are very few indicators of progress in the game. Overall this could’ve been a great game if the developers had paid a bit more attention to the port. I do not recommend downloading this if you’re playing on an iPhone, even a plus size phone.


I enjoyed playing. It was tough trying to figure out what to paint for people to buy but once you play around with it you’ll figure it out. I guess I beat it as credits came up after act 3 so I was kind of left feeling like I was missing something so I’ll try the other play mode. If you’re having serious issues try a painting that takes you a few minutes to complete instead of seconds you’ll get more money that way as well.


I spent six dolkars on it and it will not download :cccccc

Best Game Ever

If your stuck in act 1 don’t bother leaving a bad review. If your just bad at the game don’t bother reviewing it. It’s not the apps fault your not good enough to beat act 1. At first I was having trouble beating act 1 but I started trying different types of art and now I’ve beaten the expressionist, minimalist, and sellout endings. Overall 100% worth it.


So yeah I was looking foward to this I mean beacause I spent $5.00 which was half of my allowance for a good week at school but then I started to realize while playing it began with the A.I liking my art then it nonstop spammed rejecting my paintings then I went to endless mode then I was endlessly accepted then I was spammed rejected AGAIN creators please fix this I want an easier mode please PLEASE even though that would be weak but I want to feel good not bad

Love the game - save function doesn’t work

I’ve made it to act 3 and when I continue the game - I start from the beginning. I love the game and don’t mind restarting from act one - but don’t want to keep having the same issue once I progress that far again. Help!

Amazing game

No problems and finished all three acts :)

Found how to fix

For me I just now download it and I know that sometimes if there’s an update that fixes something then uninstall then reinstall it works now


I love this but the critics are so bitchy

It's a grate game

I love this game it should have more recognition (considering jazza and all) but it is a problem that it lags out too much still it very fun. Thanks for responding flamebait the update helps a lot.

Can’t progress

Fun until it breaks after act 1. Getting my money back

Still stuck

I am stuck in act 1. Like the game so far! But would like to progress


This game is very fun.I saw Jacksepticeye play this and I thought,”I wish this game was on phone.”Yesterday I was looking around the App Store for some new games and found this.I love this game.

Can’t Progress to Act 2


Stuck in Act 1

I was really looking forward to being able to play this on my phone. I own the computer version, but don’t have a drawing pad, so I was excited to hear that they had released a mobile phone version. I’ve played the first act 3 times now, and no matter who I sell my paintings to, the game doesn’t respond when the “progress to the next stage” button is pressed.

Love but fix bugs please

Absolutely love this game. I bought a stylus to continue playing. But there is a bug where I cannot progress. Please fix! This game is so fun and unique.

Can’t progress

I got to the end of act 1 and the critic showed up to review my painting. He left and said I could progress and the button does not do anything. I restarted the app and it didn’t fix it. When I exited to the main menu the button stayed in the top left when it should have disappeared. It’s not very enjoyable when I can’t get past the first act.

Enjoying But crashes

I am enjoying the game a lot but I can not go 10 minutes without the game crashing on me. I don’t know where the issue lies but for reference I am on an iPhone 6+ running iOS 11.1.2 other than the constant crashing I believe the game is good. Edit: games new update did not fix crashing issue. Dropping to 2 stars.

Update did not fix anything

The new update did not fix the problem! I still cant move to the next act! I kept hitting the “move to next act”and nothing happen!!

Lots of potential

I hope that the developers keep refining and adding new content this game has he potential to be a classic if the developers play their cards right.

Fun Game

This is a fun game that inspired Jazza’s great series. (Just as a heads up, this is the real app with the game. There is another that has just videos and tips.) CANT PROGRESS PAST THE FIRST AREA, AFTER CRITIC COMES IT SHOWS A GREEN CHECKMARK THAT DOES NOTHING WHEN CLICKED

Love it 😍 🤩👏🏼

I only review game when I loved it a lot and this is it this game is awesome 👏🏼 I didn’t have any problems like other people. I really like to draw so when I saw this game I was like this is perfect for me and I was right best art game I have ever played 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁just one comment it will be awesome if you could add more levels because it is really fun to challenge yourself getting harder clients and more tools.👏🏼

Rip off

Don’t get the game I had bought it and the only thing you can do is draw plus may I add it is not worth it’s cost $5 for nothing plus I am really frustrated cause I can’t get my money back.


I love this game addicting but maybe add more painting styles and homes.


When I went to act 2 it glitched me back to act 1

Not worth $4.99

This game is fun, but it gets boring really quick


Unique concept, high-quality design work but no depth whatsoever. Will occupy about 17 mins of your time (at a cost of $0.30/minute).

Great game but..

I really love this game ever since all the youtubers were playing it. And the game good but I crash a lot. And it’s pretty short game

loving the game but

great game, been waiting to play since i saw pewdiepie play but one issue is phone screens are too small to paint effectively, allow a full screen mode on the canvas after you pick a tool and color so it’s easier to be spot on and more more complex paintings

Brilliant, But Had Some Crashes

Definitely the best game I've played in a long time, thank you. I'm an artist by trade and hobby so I absolutely like everything about this title. But, I don't believe that you need to be an artist at all to have tons of creative fun in Passpartout: Starving Artist. But, I have had two crashes that made me lose full paintings, progress and earned money. If the developers would please look into fixing this I would be very grateful, thank you. The crashes are happening on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS build 11.1.2, if that helps at all. Other than the crashes though, I feel that this is one of the best games to come along in quite some time and I highly recommend checking it out. Thanks to the developers for the fun to be had here in my opinion and God bless.

Waste of Money

this is not at all worth the money I spent on it. There is only 3 “Acts” and it’s achievable in less than a few hours. The gameplay is cute and I love the overall appearance. But there’s not enough challenge/gameplay/growth. It’s ends before you even know you’ve started..... Worth it maybe for a $0.99 — but better off Free.

Not Worth Your Money

I have been playing iOS games ever since I bought the first gen iPod Touch. In that time, I have only taken the time to review one, maybe two apps. The fact that I’m taking the time to write out this review shows just how disappointed I am about this purchase. — After spending $5 on this game, I had very high hopes. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on any iOS game over the years. For the price, the game is incredibly bland. I expected a bunch of different brushes and tools that I’d be able to use to paint. Nope. The only tool options you have are a standard line brush, “slow” line brush, and what I like to call “Microsoft Paint” spray can. Which in my opinion is totally useless. You make money from selling your canvases. However, there is nothing to spend your money on. (Besides paying rent for the location you're at. Wow, how exciting.) I expected there to be upgrades you could purchase with your cash. Maybe different building upgrades? New paint brushes? Different canvas sizes? Anything! Nope. I completed the game in an hours time. Overall I am incredibly disappointed by this game. I was very excited when I stumbled upon it, thinking it was going to be a lot of fun. I was wrong. Maybe for a buck or two it’s worth it... but for the current price I would absolutely pass on this if I knew what I do now. Save your money!


It is as good as the sexy Benjamin movie!

Having problems

I love the game so far. After watching DrawwithJazza I couldn’t help but come here. But currently I am having a glitch. It says I can proceed to act 3. But then nothing happens. And my game freezes. I restart and the same thing happens again. Critic comes says I can progress (in this case it’s Don) and the. Nothing happens. Please help.

I love this game

I love this game but every time I try to progress I press the check mark and it doesn’t do anything. So I can’t progress

Bug that needs fixing

It’s a great game from what I can tell from the first level. I can’t progress to the next act. You press the green check but it’s stuck. You can still paint and sell and all that but it won’t move to the next act. No matter how many times you push the checkmark.


I am addicted to this game and play all the time. I saw draw with jazza’s series and always wanted the game but I didn’t have windows so I couldn’t play it. Thank you so much Flamebait!!!

Great game, but.....

I loved watching jazza's serious. This game is very well made too. Although, as soon as I paint a couple paintings the game freezes. It really really bugs me. If you could fix this. Then the game would be perfect! It won't let me pass to the next act! Keeps freezing!

Glitches Galore

Can’t even progress to next act when hitting green arrow. Stuck in game.

It’s good but

I like the game.. but I would like it more if the save photo and tweet buttons actually worked.... game seems a bit buggy.. after hitting the tweet button it got stuck with the tweet window open and me not able to get out unless I close the app..

Absolutely best game I have played

This game is everything you need when you’re bored and it’s really fun 😋🤗🤗

Huge Issue

I've seen many good things about this game and was looking forward to playing it, but there's one huge issue - whenever I try and publish a piece for someone to buy, it crashes. I have to restart the game whenever I try and make progress and it's insanely annoying! I see great potential for this game, but please try and fix that issue!

Great game :)

A great game that has come to IOS, and I'm honestly so happy that I'm able to play it on any of my devices now! I definitely recommend it!

Really good

I’ve been waiting to play this since Draw with Jazza’s series and now mobile makes it way more accessible! From getting into the app and being able to paint with your fingers, it is the best game to convert onto mobile. Thanks Flamebait!

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